Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Production Company

Bootstrap Films Ltd

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Los Angeles Based Composer Takes on
No Justice"
Award winning Composer JOSEPH CONLAN will compose the original sound Track for the film. With credits like : Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia. "for Sale By Owner
Shoot The Hero and the Paranormal Hour and American Pastime
to name but a few.


Lead Actor. Don Baker

Don Baker is also one of Ireland's most revered musicians - a singer, songwriter and guitarist of stunning individuality whom U2's Bono described as "the greatest harmonica player in the world". He has been feted by audiences, the media, the music industry and fellow musicians all over Europe and the USA. As an actor he has starred in In the Name of the Father and several other films.

GANG MOVIE: Don Baker with his son Glen who will star alongside him in the Dublin gangland film.
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