Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Los Angeles Based Composer Takes on
No Justice"
Award winning Composer JOSEPH CONLAN will compose the original sound Track for the film. With credits like : Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia. "for Sale By Owner
Shoot The Hero and the Paranormal Hour and American Pastime
to name but a few.


Lead Actor. Don Baker

Don Baker is also one of Ireland's most revered musicians - a singer, songwriter and guitarist of stunning individuality whom U2's Bono described as "the greatest harmonica player in the world". He has been feted by audiences, the media, the music industry and fellow musicians all over Europe and the USA. As an actor he has starred in In the Name of the Father and several other films.

GANG MOVIE: Don Baker with his son Glen who will star alongside him in the Dublin gangland film.
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Thursday, January 8, 2009


DIRECTOR : Alan Walsh and actor Don Backer on the set of "NO JUSTICE"
PADDY COURTNEY Joins the Cast of "No Justice"
He is one of the very few comedians to have written and starred in their own six-part comedy drama, the triple IFTA nominated 'Paddywhackery'. He has been a regular comedy panellist on The Lucy Kennedy Show. Paddy has also turned his hand to acting and appeared in BBC 1's George Gently with Mart Shaw

Joins the Cast of "No Justice"

Hollywood actor and Martials Star Roger Yuan, Best know for
( Bulletproof Monk. Batman Begins . Shanghai Noon ,
Lethal Weapon 4
. The Ultimate Warrior.
Has agreed to arrange a fight scene in "NO JUSTICE "

Ten years ago, it was said that the murder of Veronica Guerin was a watershed and that the time had come to put the criminals behind bars. In the years that have passed, Limerick and Dublin have become mini versions of New York's Bronx -- flooded with drugs, and controlled by armed gangs. Murders, manslaughter and attempted murders have rocketed, and attacks on ordinary members of the public are climbing, as drug addicts rob and mug to fund their habits.The nation was not bothered when drug dealers killed drug dealers, but as we all know, that time is long passed as evidenced by recent attacks on an unarmed Garda and the ordinary person in the street, who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.Criminals today don't place any value on life. The law has become the proverbial ass, with soft sentencing, poor detection rates and swinging door policies. Gang alliances and blood feuds are fuel for violent Ireland where there seems to be No Justice.


18/3/2009 Location photos Pre-Shoot Began today on No Justice of TV News Inserts for the film. Featuring John Phelan and Nicole Elizabeth.

DISTRIBUTION DEAL for Vicious CircleBootstrap Films has signed a distribution deal with global media distribution specialist Quat Media, Toronto, Canada, for it's short film, VICIOUS CIRCLE, directed by Alan Walsh. Vicious Circle is a short/drama, shot in black and white, about suspicion and betrayal. Set in 1916 during Irelands struggle for freedom, it is paralleled with today's attempts to bring peace in Northern Ireland. Shot in black and white using original footage, it is a thought-provoking story about what happens when people wont trust each other, resulting in a continuing circle of unnecessary violence."We've signed a 4 year world-wide distribution deal with them. It's very difficult to get shorts out there so that audiences can see them. We are very pleased to be working with Quat Media as it adds an additional pipleline for our short titles" said John Phelan of Bootstrap Films.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stunt action for "No Justice"

Monday, December 22, 2008

CAST PHOTO'S. No Justice

Nicole Elizabeth... John Phelan ...........Glen Baker

News Reporter...... Senator Norton. ......John Taylor's Son

Ciaran O'Grady. Karl Shields . ...Paddy Courtney
Killer 3................Killer 1 ...........Killer 2

Honor Heffernan
..John Taylor's Wife

Outline "No Justice"

No Justice is about John Taylor an ordinary hard working man in his early fifties, who's life has been turned upside down with the murder of his Son. John’s wife stricken with grief suffers a stroke and at the funeral. John finds himself compelled to do something, but what?